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Efectos cardiovasculares de las sustancias dopantes, medicamentos de prescripción habitual y ayudas ergogénicas en relación con el deporte: declaración de la Asociación Europea de Cardiología Preventiva


The use of substances and medications with potential cardiovascular effects among those practicing sports and physical activity has progressively increased in recent years. This is also connected to the promotion of physical activity and exercise as core aspects of a healthy lifestyle, which has led also to an increase in sport participation across all ages. In this context, three main users’ categories can be identified, (i) professional and amateur athletes using substances to enhance their performance, (ii) people with chronic conditions, which include physical activity and sport in their therapeutic plan, in association with prescribed medications, and (iii) athletes and young individuals using supplements or ergogenic aids to integrate their diet or obtaining a cognitive enhancement effect. All the substances used for these purposes have been reported to have side effects, among whom the cardiovascular consequences are the most dangerous and could lead to cardiac events. The cardiovascular effect depends on the type of substance, the amount, the duration of use, and the individual response to the substances, considering the great variability in responses. This Position Paper reviews the recent literature and represents an update to the previously published Position Paper published in 2006. The objective is to inform physicians, athletes, coaches, and those participating in sport for a health enhancement purpose, about the adverse cardiovascular effects of doping substances, commonly prescribed medications and ergogenic aids, when associated with sport and exercise.

Keywords:  Cardiovascular side effects, Doping, Ergogenic aids, Energy drinks, Medications

Referencia: Paolo Emilio Adami, Nikolaos Koutlianos, Aaron Baggish, Stéphane Bermon, Elena Cavarretta, Asterios Deligiannis, Francesco Furlanello, Evangelia Kouidi, Pedro Marques-Vidal, Josef Niebauer, Antonio Pelliccia, Sanjay Sharma, Erik Ekker Solberg, Mark Stuart, Michael Papadakis, Cardiovascular effects of doping substances, commonly prescribed medications and ergogenic aids in relation to sports: a position statement of the sport cardiology and exercise nucleus of the European Association of Preventive Cardiology, European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, 2022;zwab198,

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